POA Circulars

125 | 28.09.2010

Demonstration and Rally at the Methodist Hall London - Tuesday 19th October 2010

In addition to the information sent to you in POA Circular 118/2010, I would like to update you on this issue.

  1. All attendees are encouraged to travel together and utilise vehicles to keep travel costs to a minimum.
  2. Attendees should aim to arrive at the Westminster Methodist Hall by 12:00hrs for the start of the Rally at 12:15hrs.
  3. Expense claim forms can be collected from the Finance Officer on the day in Westminster.
  4. Should you wish to lobby your MP, you will have the opportunity following the Rally.

I look forward to seeing you all at this Rally in support of our Public Sector Colleagues under threat of the forthcoming cuts.

Yours sincerely


Deputy General Secretary