POA Circulars

123 | 16.09.2010

Approval for travel, subsistence & facility time of approved TUC sponsored & other courses

Further to POA Circular 48/2010. The following procedures MUST be adhered to by any member wishing to claim travel and subsistence from the POA or facility time from NOMS for approved TUC sponsored courses.

All applications for these courses must be endorsed by the local branch committee. Endorsed application forms should be sent to Helen Whitaker at North Regional Office, who will then apply in writing to the relevant Governor for facility time. Helen will then send the application form to the relevant College or Centre and forward a POA TUC expense claim form for you to fill in at the end of the course. Receipts for travel expenses will be required.

Applications MUST be made and approval granted prior to the commencement of the course.

Claims may not be covered by the POA if authority has not been granted or is sought retrospectively.

Yours sincerely


Finance Officer