POA Circulars

120 | 10.09.2010

Criteria for POA Membership - Rule 4.1

It has been drawn to the Executives attention that some POA members are failing to cancel their POA subscriptions when leaving their employment for a variety of reasons and then seeking re-imbursement of the subscriptions at a later date. This practice must cease.

If any member leaves their employment it is their responsibility to cancel their subscriptions and direct debit.

It is the responsibility of the local POA Branch Secretary to complete the relevant monthly membership returns as defined in Rule 20.3 (h) and the Committees responsibility under Rule 20.3 (b), to manage local membership details etc.

If any member fails to cancel their membership and direct debit in the future and seeks recovery of payments, this may be refused. The cost of administering this process is disproportionate to the sums involved in the majority of cases.

If any member leaves employment and is unsure whether they still qualify for membership in their new role, they must seek clarification from the membership department, who will ensure accurate records are maintained.

I recognise that this is only a minor problem, but we need to ensure our records are accurate.

Please draw the contents of this circular to your members and if you believe any of your previous members may still be paying subscriptions please contact Elaine at Cronin House who will assist you where possible.



Yours sincerely

General Secretary