POA Circulars

112 | 01.09.2010

Voluntary Re-grading from Senior Officer to Prison Officer

We have now achieved clarification on the above issue in the form of the attached letter from Jim Heavens. The POA do not in any way recommend that any member abandons a hard earned rank i.e. Senior Officer on a voluntary basis and the Union only sought clarification on this point after concerns were raised by members with the Executive.

As you know on the 27th April 2009 in an open letter from Robin Wilkinson the Prison Officer 1 rank was closed and the rank of Prison Officer 2 introduced.  As a result of the closure of the Prison Officer 1 rank any Senior Officer who applies voluntarily to re-grade is only being offered a position as a Prison Officer 2 and the terms and conditions that apply to that rank.  For the avoidance of doubt, the POA has not negotiated this position for Senior Officers but rather sought clarity for our members

All members are to be advised that this circular and attached letter deals specifically with the issue of Senior Officers wishing to “voluntarily” re-grade to the rank of Prison Officer and not any other scenario that may arise. 

Any member who has voluntarily re-graded from Senior Officer to Prison Officer, prior to this clarification being given, and who has been offered and accepted different terms and conditions to those set out in the letter from Jim Heavens, should seek clarification from the person who made the offer.  To ensure these terms and conditions will be honoured by the Prison Service and that they won’t seek to claim an overpayment of salary in the future.

We trust this is of assistance to you and your members.


Yours sincerely

General Secretary


Yours sincerely

National Chairman


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