POA Circulars

104 | 11.08.2010

Job Evaluation Scheme

As you all know the Prison Service has embarked on a fact finding process to inform themselves that a Job Evaluation Scheme (JES) can be introduced sometime in the future.

For some time now, the POA nationally have engaged with the Service in this fact finding exercise on a “no prejudice” basis.

An exercise to test the Generic Role Profiles and appeal mechanisms has been carried out in the North East, Area Office and Prison Service Headquarters.  The information gained from this is being collated by the Prison Service which will be shared with the POA prior to any formal negotiations.

Unfortunately, the Service are still not in a position to share all this information and have cancelled meetings already planned with us.  This again unfortunately precludes the National Executive from giving you an up to date situation report.

Rest assured that as soon as the National Executive Committee are in possession of all the facts, then a comprehensive package of information will be shared with you the membership, to enable you to make informed choices about this massively important and far-reaching subject.


Yours sincerely

Deputy General Secretary