POA Circulars

98 | 29.07.2010

Wednesday 4th August 2010:Strike Action UCU Members

I have spoken to the General Secretary Sally Hunt of the UCU, which have members working in education within the Prison Service.

There is a dispute which is ongoing with the Employer Manchester College.  UCU have attempted to resolve this issue, which I understand is about reduction of pay and terms and conditions, but at present issues have not been resolved.

Strike action is commencing on 4th August 2010 by UCU members.  I am sure local Branch Committees and our members in general will have a great deal of sympathy for our fellow trade union workers and wish them well in bringing a resolve to this dispute, to their satisfaction.

If there are official pickets outside your establishment I would ask POA members to take the time and speak to them, giving our support to workers who are being treated poorly by an intransigent employer.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary