POA Circulars

93 | 19.07.2010

Annual Conference 2010 - Professional Photographs

During Annual Conference delegates, observers and providers will have noticed that the POA engaged the professional services of a recognised NUJ photographer.

Throughout the week Jess Hurd took a number of pictures which are now available for branches or individuals to purchase.  

The photographs can currently be viewed on the POA website and should any individual wish to purchase these they may do so.  The cost of each photo is £10.00 or 15 photographs for £100.00.

To place your order, please forward a cheque made payable to the POA for the appropriate amount and identify the reference number of the appropriate photo from the website.  Any correspondence should be forwarded to Glyn Travis – Assistant Secretary Cronin House.

The closing date for these photographs to be purchased is 30th September 2010.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary