POA Circulars

83 | 01.07.2010

Intranet Message: Unions Boycott Prison Service Meeting

The NOMS spin machine is at work once again, as they try to undermine the POA NEC and other Trade Unions as part of their divide and conquer strategy.

The note from the Permanent Secretary, Suma Chakrabarti is correct, Unions did boycott the meeting because representatives of the PGA were in attendance.

The policy of this Union is that we will not share the negotiating or consultation table with the PGA.  The PGA is not affiliated to the TUC; it is a breakaway Union and a Union that constantly undermines the policies and actions of other Unions within the Criminal Justice System.

We believe NOMS has manufactured the meeting to create an unhealthy environment and to divide the Unions in attendance, their plans backfired.

This Union demand negotiations on issues that affect our members not the lip service of consultation and we will continue to challenge imposition.

The final paragraph of the statement makes reference to a direct quote from Suma.

The POA embrace this and would welcome a single table meeting with the Minister and Secretary of State in line with the previous existing agreements.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary