POA Circulars

80 | 22.06.2010

The Late Martin Pickett

I am sorry that I have to write to the membership again regarding Martin.  Unfortunately, I have had to take action from Electoral Reform Services (ERS) about this sad death, as he was a candidate in the current NEC Election.

The ballot papers with Martin’s election address had already been circulated to the membership with ballot papers prior to his sad death.

In discussions with ERS the ballot will continue to a conclusion even though some members may have already voted for him.  There is no need to re-run the ballot and had Martin been successful then the candidate who then polled the most votes would be elected.

Once again, I have no desire to cause any upset to Martin Pickett’s family, friends or colleagues or appear to be insensitive, but as part of the balloting legislation I have had to update the membership in relation to the Election.  Please bring this Circular to the attention of your members.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary