POA Circulars

BS Circ 15 | 17.06.2010

Branch Secretary Circular 15: Tax refund service

As you are aware, since 1998, we have offered all members the opportunity to receive a free tax code assessment to find out whether they are due a tax refund. Over 12,000 members have now used the service and over £480,000 has been refunded to our members by HM Revenue.

At last years Annual Conference, a significant number of reps asked if they could have material on the service to make available to their own members. In due course we provided posters, FAQ papers and claim forms and the response to this was fantastic with another 700+ members requesting that their tax codes be checked.

Please find attached an up to date poster to replace the one that may still be on your notice board. The latest Frequently Asked Questions paper and a letter from myself containing the Tax Refund Claim Form on page 2, both of which should be distributed to your members.

If you require any further material or have any questions regarding this service that are not covered by the FAQ paper, please telephone David Davies at The Tax Refund Company on 0161 480 5665.

Yours sincerely


Finance Officer