POA Circulars

62 | 24.05.2010

Early Departure Scheme - NTS 2010

Members of the Executive have been contacted by branch officials and members who are directly affected by the decision to suspend all activity on the Early Exit Scheme by Cabinet Office.

The first the NEC knew of this decision, was when members forwarded us copies of the e-mail from the HR Project Team at Shared Services.  No one from NOMS had informed us of this decision, although we have been advised that they knew of this early last week. 

The Executive fully understand the frustration and anger that members will now feel as their future has been put on hold.  At present we await the outcome of any agreement or determination from the High Court.  We have contacted our solicitors Thompsons in respect of this decision, but on the information to date it appears no legal redress is available.

I suggest that those members who are affected by the suspension of the Early Exit Scheme raise a grievance, set out any out of pocket expenses that they have incurred as a result of the intention to leave and ask the Governor if these will be repayable if the suspension is permanent.

I will ensure further information is promulgated as and when it becomes available.

Yours sincerely

National Chairman