POA Circulars

44 | 31.03.2010

Principle Officer's Work

As you know, the NOMS Board have decided to close the Principle Officer grade and are adamant that the role will remain closed. The National Executive has and never will agree to this position.

Members of the NEC were deployed to discuss the effects of this imposed position and the outcome of those discussions were relayed to the membership via POA Circulars. POA Circular 42/2010 re-affirmed the views of the Executive and although Mark Read disputes the contents of this circular, our position remains that the work of the PO's either goes up to Managers or stays with the grade.

The Service has outlined that they will refuse to accept any local dispute in respect of the reallocation of Principle Officer work, this is not acceptable.

If any branch fails to reach a resolution in respect of the allocation of PO work, they must register a local dispute. If the dispute is rejected, the NEC must be informed immediately via the General Secretary's Office.

We must not stand by and allow the Management of the Service to erode our terms and conditions and impose their will on this Union.

Yours sincerely


Colin Moses
National Chairman

Brian Caton
General Secretary