POA Circulars

42 | 26.03.2010

Principle Officer's Work

Following the promulgation of POA Circulars 204/2009, 11/2010 and 19/2010, concerns have been raised by local branch officials in respect of the interpretation by Governors when profiling or reallocating Principle Officer's duties.

At the NEC meeting on the 25th March 2010, this issue was fully debated by the National Executive. Members of the National Executive outlined the concerns of officials and attitude of Managers who are trying to push the work of Principle Officer's down to Senior Officer's. This change must be challenged by local committee's and of necessary, an Annex A issued.

The status of Principle Officer's work remains as outlined in POA Circular 19/2010 and that is, it either remains with any PO's in post of moves up to the Managers role.

The NEC are aware of a letter from Mark Read dated 10th March, which is not a true reflection of the agreed position with the NEC.

At the NEC meeting it was proposed and agreed "To re-emphasise the POA's policy in respect of the PO's work and recognition of the agreement reached with NOMS during the discussions"

This Circular servers to achieve this proposal and remind all committee's that when entering into negotiations with Management on the work of PO's, it either moves up the Management structure or stays with the PO if they remain in post.

Thanking you in anticipation of your continued support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely


Brian Caton
General Secretary