POA Circulars

CIRCULAR 138 02 Dec 2014

NOMS/POA 2014 Negotiated Agreement - Without Prejudice, Workplace ballot result

Following the promulgation of Branch Secretary Circular 18/2014, eligible branches in England and Wales conducted a workplace ballot.

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CIRCULAR 137 01 Dec 2014

Detached Duty

POA Circular 132/2014 ‘Detached Duty’ outlined the NEC’s intentions towards addressing NOMS’ application of Detached Duty policy.

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CIRCULAR 136 28 Nov 2014

NEC Minutes 12th November 2014

Please find attached NEC minutes for the 12th November 2014, for your information.

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CIRCULAR 135 28 Nov 2014

EDM 546 Work related stress amongst prison officers

On the 19th November 2014, the National Executive Committee launched the results of the Independent Survey conducted by Professor Gail Kinman and Dr Andrew Clements in Parliament.

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CIRCULAR 134 28 Nov 2014

NEC Elections 2015: National Executive Committee x 2

POA Circular 111/2014 promulgated the timetable for the above election. This Circular confirms the administrative arrangements, dealing with the following issues.

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CIRCULAR 133 26 Nov 2014

NEC Minutes 29th October 2014

Please find attached NEC minutes for the 29th October 2014, for your information.

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CIRCULAR 132 13 Nov 2014

Detached Duty

At the NEC meeting on 12th November 2014, the Executive discussed the growing concerns and discontent of members who are being forced to go on detached duty and stay away from their home.

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CIRCULAR 131 10 Nov 2014

NEC Elections 2015: Nomination NEC x2

Further to POA Circular 111/2014 the closing date for receipt of branch nominations was Friday, 7th November 2014.

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CIRCULAR 130 07 Nov 2014


During my absence on annual leave, from the 10th to 16th November 2014 inclusive, Mr Ralph Valerio will cover my duties and exercise the authority of the Chairman. This is in accordance with Rule 9.4(a) of the Rules and Constitution.

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CIRCULAR 129 07 Nov 2014


Please find enclosed supplement to POA Circular 107/2014 and POA Circular 112/2014 regarding Question and Answers in relation to the NOMS/POA Negotiated Agreement 2014 Without Prejudice.

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