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194 | 18.01.2019



Prison Officers Association Leaders have walked out on the Chief Executive Michael Spurr in a dispute about how the employer applies disciplinary procedures against staff. At a high-level meeting on Thursday 17th January 2019 the POA took the stance that their members were being victimised, targeted and subject to biased and unfair disciplinary charges. The POA have decided not to engage with the employer until they are satisfied that the disciplinary procedures will be followed and not abused.
National Chair Mark Fairhurst stated;


‘It is unacceptable that POA members are consistently being subject to breaches in the disciplinary procedures that get consistently ignored by the employer. We have countless examples of POA members, including branch officials, being targeted and subject to constant breaches of policy. When they get sacked, they rarely win an appeal. Employers disciplinary procedures are supposed to be fair and follow natural justice. How can natural justice be followed when members get cleared in a Crown Court trial or after a Police investigation, only to be charged by the employer with the exact same offence the law cleared them of? We are displaying our disgust at the treatment of our members and all national business will be placed on hold until we resolve these issues.’



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