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78 | 20.06.2018


POA Circular 55/2018 promulgated the timetable for the above election.

This Circular confirms the administrative arrangements, dealing with the following issues.

a) Ballot Guidelines for Branch Officials.

b) Position of members failing to provide an approved address or not receiving a ballot paper.

c) Notice advertising the election.

d) Period of Office for the successful candidate.

a) Ballot Guidelines for Branch Officials

A list of instructions is attached at Annex ‘A’. It is imperative, that arrangements locally reflect these and that all committee members are advised accordingly.

Arrangements have been made for Governors to be advised via HMPPS, Scottish Prison Service and the Northern Ireland Office. Local arrangements need to be made by branch officials in Special Hospitals, private providers and Isle of Man, in order to ensure that management is aware of the position.

b) Position of members failing to provide an approved address or not receiving a ballot paper

The NEC have provided ERS with the latest information available in respect of members addresses for postal ballots.

If for any reason any member does not receive a ballot paper, they must complete the pro forma and Annex ‘B’ and follow the instructions. ERS will forward the ballot paper to the member once they have verified the members right to vote.


c) Notice advertising the election

Notice confirming the arrangements outlined in this Circular is enclosed – Annex ‘C’.

d) Period of Office for the successful candidate

The period of office for the position of the National Executive Committee x 1 will be from the 27th July 2018 until the end of Annual Conference May 2020.

Distribution of the Ballot Papers will begin on Friday 29th June 2018 and have been addressed to individual members at their approved ballot address.

If Ballot Papers have not been distributed locally by Friday 6th July 2018, you should advise Nicola Hubert at Cronin House immediately.

Please ensure the contents of this Circular are brought to the attention of all members.

Yours sincerely



Steve Gillan
General Secretary

POA Circular 78-2018 - NEC Election X 1.pdf

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