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32 | 23.03.2018


Many of you will have seen or heard the recent announcement in the House of Commons by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, regarding the above matter.

The combined work of the NHS Trade Unions has forced the Government to accept a proposed 3 year pay deal which, amongst other things, would increase rates of pay by between 6.5% and 29%.

The proposed multi-year deal, if accepted, would also introduce a minimum pay rate within the NHS in England, of £17460, for the lowest earners.

These and many other positive proposals are the result of many months of tough negotiations between the NHS Trade Unions, NHS Employers and NHS England.

The POA do not have a negotiating seat on the NHS staff side but observer status only so we’re not fully involved in the negotiations but were kept up to speed by the negotiators with full briefings. For that reason, whilst there may be positives in the 3 year deal, we will be remaining neutral on any recommendations.

If the offer is accepted the salary increases coupled with the shortening of pay bands, will hopefully begin to reverse the current negative trends of staff recruitment and retention within the NHS.

Full details of the offer as well as how it might impact upon POA members working within the NHS, including a pay calculator for individuals to work out their own pay increases, are available at the multi union website at: -

The offer is now out for consultation with each NHS Trade Unions membership and a ballot of affected members will be undertaken in due course.

Your branch representatives will be able to assist you at local level with any queries, however a Q&A section is also available on the above mentioned website.

Further information regarding the ballot will be promulgated in the very near future.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary

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