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160 | 12.10.2017


Following the address of Michael Spurr the CEO of HMPPS to the PGA Conference where they admitted that it had been a difficult summer for the Service as violence, suicides and the prison population all increased on the back of a number of serious disturbances and riots, another serious disturbance occurred at HMP Long Lartin, involving 81 armed prisoners on the evening of the 11th October 2017.

The serious disturbance forced staff to withdraw and continued into the early hours of this morning. The cost to the tax payer will not be known for some time, but this will place more pressure on a prison system in crisis.

Once again HMPPS had to rely on the bravery, skill and professionalism of trained Prison Officers who put their lives at risk to bring the highly volatile incident to a safe conclusion.

The Prison Service continues to lurch from one crisis to another and there is little evidence to suggest that anyone in authority has any idea how to resolve the current situation in our prisons.

Each and every day Prison Officers are facing increased levels of violence and being forced to work in dangerous conditions, conditions that many independent authorities are critical of. These authorities have called for more staff and improved conditions to address the chronic problems and demonstrations of the inevitable.

It is now time for the Government and HMPPS to address the chronic problems. They must realise that Prison Officers and OSG’s deserve proper recognition and reward for the dangerous and demanding work they undertake in protecting the public from the most dangerous element of society.


Leaders of the POA call on HMPPS to enter into negotiations to resolve the inadequate pay of Prison Officers, address the chronic staffing shortages and put an end to the crisis management. For the seventh consecutive year, Prison Officers despite their bravery and professionalism received a pathetic and insulting pay award from the Pay Review Body.





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