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BREAKING 22 Sep 2016

E-petition launched - For the court to issue a consecutive sentence and not concurrent.

An e-petition has been launched for courts to issue consecutive sentences and not concurrent ones, if a civil servant is assaulted doing their duties.

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BREAKING 16 Sep 2016

Justice select Committee - Prison Safety

Below are a number of links to Parliamentary publications and archived video sessions all on the subject of Prison Safety.

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BREAKING 30 Aug 2016

Help needed

I am a serving Prison Officer and POA member with 15 years’ experience, I am currently undertaking a PhD (Research Degree) with Huddersfield University, investigating the Mental Health of Prison Officers.

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BREAKING 08 Jul 2016

Phil Copple to POA 07 07 16

See the letter from Phil Copple to the POA below.

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BREAKING 07 Jul 2016

NOMS intent on stopping pay!!!!!

At a meeting with NOMS today at their request they asked that we stand down the meetings for tomorrow morning.

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BREAKING 23 Jun 2016

Violent prison attacks should be prosecuted, rules High Court

The High Court yesterday (21 June 2016) ruled that it is important to be able to prosecute prisoners for acts of violence committed against prison officers while serving time in prison, as a way of protecting prison officers and prisoners. This amounted to a landmark victory for the Prison Officers Association (POA).

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BREAKING 12 Feb 2016

2016 PSPRB report

The Prison Service Pay Review Body submitted its 2016 England and Wales report to the Government today.

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BREAKING 09 Nov 2015

Demo Tomorrow: Kill the Bill, After work protest, 6pm 10 November, Parliament Square

See the flyer attached for tomorrow's demo, Kill the Bill, after work protest, 6pm 10 November, Parliament Square.

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BREAKING 01 Oct 2015

Rally & March: Protect the Right to Strike, Manchester, 4th October, 12 noon

See the flyer attached for more information including venue and speakers.

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BREAKING 04 Aug 2015

Workers’ and trade union rights: the dilemma of the EU referendum

With the prospect of a referendum on continued EU membership drawing closer, trade unions and their members in the UK need to take a view on the merits of the EU. For many, disgust at the EU’s shameful rôle in the humiliation of Greece, the supplanting of Greek democracy by rule from Brussels, and the imposition of terms which even the IMF considered counterproductive will be decisive.

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