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BREAKING 19 Feb 2017


The Unions position has for a long time been that pay should be set at a national level for staff. The latest attempt at placing a plaster over a gaping wound has been announced.

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BREAKING 17 Dec 2016

Update Birmingham

Leaders of the POA pay tribute to the magnificent response of Prison Officers POA members from throughout the prison estate to restore good order at HMP Birmingham on Friday the 16th of December exactly a month after the very same members took protest action to raise public awareness of the state of our prisons.

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BREAKING 21 Nov 2016

Campaigning law firm Thompsons solicitors responds to the Ministry of Justice consultation on reforms to the small claims limit

Tom Jones, Head of Policy at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Despite government figures showing that the number of injury claims are down, they have allowed themselves to be bullied by insurers into reviving hugely unfair plans to remove access to justice for the injured, without producing a shred of evidence to justify them.

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BREAKING 21 Nov 2016

Thompsons: Car insurance CEOs get multi-million pound reward packages as premiums continue to rise

The UK’s top car insurance companies have come under fire for multi-million pound remuneration packages to their chief executives whilst the driving public face ever increasing premiums.

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BREAKING 22 Sep 2016

E-petition launched - For the court to issue a consecutive sentence and not concurrent.

An e-petition has been launched for courts to issue consecutive sentences and not concurrent ones, if a civil servant is assaulted doing their duties.

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BREAKING 16 Sep 2016

Justice select Committee - Prison Safety

Below are a number of links to Parliamentary publications and archived video sessions all on the subject of Prison Safety.

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BREAKING 30 Aug 2016

Help needed

I am a serving Prison Officer and POA member with 15 years’ experience, I am currently undertaking a PhD (Research Degree) with Huddersfield University, investigating the Mental Health of Prison Officers.

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BREAKING 08 Jul 2016

Phil Copple to POA 07 07 16

See the letter from Phil Copple to the POA below.

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BREAKING 07 Jul 2016

NOMS intent on stopping pay!!!!!

At a meeting with NOMS today at their request they asked that we stand down the meetings for tomorrow morning.

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BREAKING 23 Jun 2016

Violent prison attacks should be prosecuted, rules High Court

The High Court yesterday (21 June 2016) ruled that it is important to be able to prosecute prisoners for acts of violence committed against prison officers while serving time in prison, as a way of protecting prison officers and prisoners. This amounted to a landmark victory for the Prison Officers Association (POA).

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